One of the smartest things you can do for the people you love, is to ensure that you have a legal, valid and up to date Will. Tragedy can unfortunately strike at any time. Having a well written last Will and Testament specifying exactly what needs to be done to wrap up your affairs, will ensure that the people you care about most get exactly what you intended.

Why draft a last Will and Testament?

Your Will is a document set up by you that articulates exactly what you want done with minor children and your assets in the event of your death. You will specify the following:

  • The appointment of heirs to your estate
  • The appointment of guardians for minor children (Children under 18 years of age)
  • The appointment of an Executor (someone you trust) who will assist in winding up the estate

Living Wills:

It becomes very difficult in situations where one would like their wishes to be carried out in situations where there may be confusion when their medical state is questionable. This could be if you are going in for surgery and certain complications arise leaving you unable to make your own decisions regarding your health and care. Does your family know what you would like to have happen or would they act out of fear and worry?

Why do you need an attorney? We will draft your Living Will in compliance with the Living Will Society of South Africa. We will therefore draft a document which will formalise your wishes.

Our Fee: R 500

How are fees calculated?

Should you already be an existing client with the firm or appoint TLT Attorneys to become executor’s of the estate as an officially appointed administrator, we will draw your Will free of charge. Should you choose your own executor to administer your estate, a once off fee of nominal R200 will be charged for the drafting of the document.

Why should you use an attorney?

One of the main reasons to have an attorney draft your Will is because an attorney has specific legal skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that the document is valid and legally binding. Looking after your loved ones and ensuring that your last wishes are carried out properly has enormous value and can greatly help the loved ones you leave behind, as it allows for a smooth and timeous settling of your affairs.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have or to make an appointment to have your Will drafted. Don’t delay.